You Are Stronger Than You Think: You Don't Know This But You Overcome Obstacles Every Single Day

What obstacle did you overcome today?⁠ 

Little did you know, you overcome obstacles every single day.⁠ 

Waking up and getting up to do work is overcoming the obstacle of sleeping all day.⁠ 

Getting to the gym is overcoming the obstacle of laziness and staying on the couch doing nothing scrolling on Instagram.⁠ 

Studying for a test, or reading up on new material, educating yourself is overcoming the obstacle of remaining the same and never growing internally.⁠ 

Giving your body the right foods, nutrition, and exercising is overcoming the obstacle of eating what "feels good" for the moment, which is good in the short term, but not good in the long term. And you know it!⁠ 

Give yourself credit for the obstacles you overcome every single day, and remember that you are on a never-ending journey.⁠ 

Enjoy the good days, overcome the bad ones, recover, and stay hard, resilient.⁠ 

Be present, and remember to get up, overcome your struggles, and NEVER GIVE UP.

Hope you had a great Christmas and get ready for the New Year! 

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