When Motivation Runs Out: How to Find Energy to Keep Going

Monday afternoon. I’d come back from work and said to myself “I’m going to work on some writing and and then head to the gym.”

Well, I did end up writing a few things, but then the afternoon trough started kicking in and impacted my mood, energy, and motivation. They were all running low, and honestly, running empty.

I changed into my gym outfit, and then made the mistake of laying on the couch. I put a pillow over my face, and you may now think it was all over.

A couple of minutes went by until suddenly, I got up telling myself “OK, enough games. Let’s do this!” I took some pre-workout, ate a banana and went out the door. It was a great day to train legs.

Talk about a brutal Monday

New Week, New Beginnings

At the beginning of every week, there are always two approaches we can take; to be either excited about what’s to come, or already looking forward to next weekend.

While there are many underlying reasons for each approach, this time we will pay attention the lack of motivation we sometimes experience, but most importantly, let’s look at how this obstacle can be overcome.

You see, motivation comes and goes. Motivation is a burst of energy that makes us want to take action. But as its definition suggests, it’s an abrupt energy spike, which does not last too long. We may start Monday strong, but by Friday afternoon, all the burst of energy we had, might be gone or near empty.

In our fitness journeys, we go through these up and downs many times. We start the year, the month, or the week strong, and once the energy runs out, or the motivation ends, we go back to our old ways both with respect to training and nutrition.

We slack for a day, or two saying to ourselves we need a break (and yes, rest is needed), but many of us take that break and extend it to a week, a month, and before we know it, it’s been half a year.

 This in turn becomes a vicious circle; the less we workout, the less motivation we have, and the less energy we have. It’s a negative feedback loop that, should we decide to break it, we have to start making an enormous effort.

 The plan to keep going:

1) Start: Once motivation hits you, and you feel like you are about to own the world, START! Just take that first step. Something magical happens when you take that first step, and you realize that you can do this.

2) Take advantage of your motivation, and capitalize on it: After you start and realize you can do it, take advantage of the motivation and take it as far as you can. Keep it going by giving yourself small rewards or stimulants (coffee, tea, pre-workout, new workout gear, or go ahead and find like-minded individuals on Instagram, etc). Do whatever it takes to keep it going and not let that flame fade

3) Develop Habits and Discipline: If you continue to exploit the sudden burst of energy for long enough (Psychology Today suggests it takes 66 days to build a habit), you will develop the good habit of working out, eating well, and this is where the magic happens. This is where your life will change for the better, and this is when you will become unstoppable. You can do it!

4) Take it all the way to the end: Needless to say, once you become unstoppable, you will continue making changes to your mind, your body, and then be able to give back to others to follow the same path you took.

Remember, motivation comes and goes, but what keeps us consistent and accountable is the discipline and habit the are built along the way.

If you are interested in knowing more about motivation, and how you can find unlimited motivation, check out our previous article here

Have a good week and as always, Be Unbreakable

Photo Credit: Photo by Alexander Redl on Unsplash


  • Thanks for this. Habits makes a big difference don’t they?

  • Great advice. Thanks for the great article.

    Trent Peek
  • Great minds think alike, this is an awesome post. I put out a blog today called Motivation in motion. Along the same thoughts as yours. Thanks for sharing

  • The struggle is real! For me, I make goals a priority and a lifestyle. This what keeps me motivated.

  • This is inspiring! I feel motivated. Taking the first step is important. Excellent line “Something magical happens when you take that first step”.
    This is not only for the workout, can be applied for any task.


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