Beyond The Physique: THREE Mental Health Benefits of Fitness and Physical Activity

Every single time I go to the gym, for a walk, or on a run, I end up feeling on top of the world. The peace and calmness that come to mind after breaking a sweat truly make life worth living.

Endorphins are flowing and confidence is through the roof. That post-workout ecstasy born out of an exercised body and a highly satisfied mind are truly unique.

While for most people exercise is all about improving physical health, we should start thinking about all of the benefits physical activity has on our mental health, too!

There are many proven mental health benefits of physical activity, so let's look some of the top mental health benefits of fitness, and physical activity in general:

Getting You Out of Depression and Anxiety

There are vast amount of studies and research that have proven this time and time again. Exercising helps you deal with depression and anxiety, and its benefits are limitless.

According to Mayo Clinic, exercising helps you by releasing feel-good endorphins (make you happy), and taking your mind off of worries.

Furthermore, regular exercising can help you cope with depression the same way antidepressants work. According to Harvard, exercising is the best "all-natural" anti-depressant. Just remember that this is a long-term process and you have to be consistent and persistent, but this will become easier to do as you start getting into a routine!

Get going today, start feeling better, and change your life for the better! Your future depends on nobody but yourself. You can do it.

Get Your Focus Back and Improve Memory

How often do you feel your concentration drifting away at home or at work? Remember, an unfit body is one of the reasons your focus may be suffering. According to the Harvard Medical School, this is done by the fact that exercising helps decrease insulin resistance, and as a result, it stimulates the release of growth chemicals in the brain, which positively affects the survival, growth, and maintainability of its cells.

It's time to take advantage of exercising and use it to improve concentration, and focus that will in the end help make your live that much better! 

Get Better Sleep and Lower Stress

Do you feel difficult getting a good night’s sleep? If yes, then exercise can help you get in the right direction or get right back on track.

No doubt, physical activity helps increase body temperature, and thus have calming effects on your mind, leading to less sheep counting and more shut-eye. Furthermore, exercise helps you regulate circadian rhythm, body’s built-in red alarm which controls when you feel tired and when you feel alert. 

According to John's Hopkins Medicine, exercise helps increase the amount of deep sleep. This is the type of sleep that gives our body and mind a chance to rejuvenate, stabilize our mood, and decompress the mind.

Furthermore, Harvard Medical School explains that physical exercises helps lower and manage stress levels. 

It is recommended at least 30 minutes of exercise of moderate intensity. Just make sure you don't workout or exercise too late or right before bed!

Don't Wait Until Monday, or Next Month, or Next Year. Start TODAY!

We hope this article encourages you to get moving today after noticing the mental health benefits of not just fitness, but physical activity in general. 

Remember, you don't have to run 26 miles, or go to the gym and bench press 500 lb, or go to the park and do 100 pull-ups.

You can just go for a walk. Take that first step towards a new you. 

Stay calm, lower your stress, think more clearly, and enhance your overall lifestyle? Get moving today! 

Don’t forget to share this with someone you know and spread the positive benefits of physical activity!

Stay Healthy. Stay Consistent. Stay UNBREAKABLE


  • Thanks for all tips.

  • Hey I love this article!! I’ve been trying to start exercising again but still haven’t jumped on it. All of the amazing benefits you listed are really pushing me to start!

  • Love this! There are so many mental health benefits from physical exercise. Thank you for sharing ☺️

  • I always get the most “great ideas” for my biz while out on a run! Exercise totally gets my brain going!

    Kari | MoneyfortheMamas

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